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The parish priest, Fr. Dan Aguilar.

Prayer for Priests
St. Therese of the Child Jesus

O Holy Father, may the torrents of love flowing from the sacred wounds of Thy Divine Son bring forth priests like unto the beloved disciple John who stood at the foot of the Cross; priests: who as a pledge of Thine own most tender love will lovingly give Thy Divine Son to the souls of men.
May Thy priests be faithful guardians of Thy Church, as John was of Mary, whom he received into his house. Taught by this loving Mother who suffered so much on Calvary, may they display a mother's care and thoughtfulness towards Thy children. May they teach souls to enter into close union with Thee through Mary who, as the Gate of Heaven, is specially the guardian of the treasures of Thy Divine Heart.
Give us priests who are on fire, and who are true children of Mary, priests who will give Jesus to souls with the same tenderness and care with which Mary carried the Little Child of Bethlehem.
Mother of sorrows and of love, out of compassion for Thy beloved Son, open in our hearts deep wells of love, so that we may console Him and give Him a generation of priests formed in thy school and having all the tender thoughtfulness of thine own spotless love.'


These are the seminarians of Saint Teresa of Avila Parish, San Vicente, Baao, CS. Sem. Neil Bengosta (left) is an in-coming fourth year theology seminarian of the HolY Rosary Major Seminary, (on right) is Sem. Ace Baracena, in-coming third year philosophy seminarian of the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary. Let us pray for our seminarians and for the increase in priestly and religious vocations.

Prayer for Seminarians

O Lord Jesus Christ, great High Priest, I pray that You call many worthy souls to Your holy priesthood. Enlighten the Bishop in the choice of candidates, the Spiritual Director in molding them, and the professors in instructing them. Lead the seminarians daily in Your unerring footsteps; so that they may become priests who are models of purity, possessors of wisdom and heroes of sacrifice; steeped in humility and aflame with love for God and man; apostles of Your glory and sanctifiers of souls. Amen. Mary, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us.


The birth of a new parish is always a cause of joy for Christian communities. It calls for a celebration because it affirms that the Catholic Church is growing and expanding and its mission continues that is to bring people intimately closer to God and to help them design and change their lives through their faith and action. Though enormous tasks and obstacles await for the new shepherd, the shepherd must go and prepare his flock to build the Church. Like other local Christian Communities, the Parish of Saint Teresa of Avila has a humble beginning. Upon the initiative and recommendation of Very Rev. Arkie Caceres, Parish Priest of Saint Bartholomew Parish in the municipality of Baao, Archbishop Leonardo Z. Lagaspi, OP, DD approved the creation of the seventieth parish in the Archdiocese.
On January 29, 2005, Archbishop Leonardo Z. Lagaspi, OP, DD canonically erected the new parish and installed Rev. Fr. Dan Aguilar as its first parish priest. More than thousand of people and thirty priests attended the solemn canonical erection. The new parish consists of ten barangays and one sitio: Nababarera, Pugay, Del Pilar, Caranday, Sta. Teresa, Antipolo, San Juan, Bagumbayan, Sagrada and San Vicente.
The new parish has a total population of 13,423 and 12,183 or 92% of it belongs to Catholicism as of May 2002. The remaining percentage is unequally distributed by others sects and denominations. Since its creation, the parish has given birth to seven religious organizations that actively render their service to the parish. these are the catechetical Ministry; Mother Butlers Guild, Apostleship of Prayer, Knights of the Altar Lectors Guild, Collectors Guild, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Couples for Christ.
Truly an enormous task awaits for the shepherd and yet trusting in the divine providence and the inherit goodness of the people, we dream of building both the physical and the spiritual dimension of our church.
We need your spiritual and financial support. We hope to solidify all our efforts and actions directed always to the building of the Kingdom of God. Please help us build our Church. Together, let us share our dreams.

Let us build the house of the Lord! Let us enter in the sanctuary! With these words taken from the Book of Psalms I personally invite you to share with us in our dream to build our sanctuary—a place where as one people united in one faith, we will worship and give thanks to our Heavenly Father for the manifold blessings we have received as a people of God. There is no other way we know we can best repay your generosity except by our prayers and daily sacrifices we will offer for your intentions. You may send your donations to PCI Bank (Iriga Branch) Number 0576-08824-8.


Here is a short biography of the first woman-Doctor of the Church---Teresa of Avila, Catholic, Woman, Reformist and a Saint.

Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada was born in Avila on March 28, 1515. She was educated in an Augustinian convent and, about 1535, entered the local Carmelite Convent of the Incarnation. In 1555, after many years marked by serious illness and increasingly rigorous religious exercises, she experience a profound awakening, involving visions of Jesus Christ, hell, angels, and demons; at times she felt sharp pains that she claimed were caused by the tip of an angel’s lance piercing her heart. Long troubled by the slack discipline into which the Carmelites had relapse, she determined to devote herself to the reform of the order. Through papal intervention in her behalf, she overcame the bitter opposition of her immediate ecclesiastical superiors and in 1562 succeeded in founding at Avila the Convent of Saint Joseph, the first community of reformed, or discalced, Carmelite nuns. She enforced strict observance of the original, severe Carmelite rules at the convent. Her reforms won the approbation of the head of the order, and in 1567 she was authorized to establish similar religious houses for men. Teresa organized the new branch of the old order, with the aid of Saint John of the Cross, the Spanish mystic and Doctor of the Church. Although she was harassed at every step by the powerful and hostile church officials, she helped to establish 16 foundations for women and 14 for men. Two years before her death the Discalced Carmelites received papal recognition as an independent monastic body. Teresa died in Alba de Tormes on October 4, 1582. Teresa was a gifted organizer endowed with common sense, tact intelligence, courage, and humor as well as a mystic of extraordinary spiritual depth. She purified the religious life of Spain and, in a period when Protestantism gained ground elsewhere in Europe, strengthened the forces that reformed the Roman Catholic church from within. Teresa’s writings, all published posthumously, are valued as unique contributions to mystical and devotional literature and as masterpieces of Spanish prose. Teresa was canonized in 1622; she was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church, the first woman to be so named, in 1970. Her feast day is October 15.


This is the blog of Saint Teresa de Avila Parish, San Vicente, Baao, Camarines Sur. We were canonically erected on January 29, 2005 by His Grace, the Most Rev. Leonardo Z. Legaspi, OP, DD as the 70th parish in the Metropolitan See of Caceres.
As a new parish, we are facing a lot of challenges and magnificent graces from God.

By having this blog, we wish to make a connection to our dear parishioners and residents of Baao and Bikol to help us both spiritually and financially as we begin to build the house of the Lord in this area. In the same way, this is also an interactive space, availing the benefit of technological advances so that we can inform and give you updates as to how we are going through with our spiritual and pastoral programs in the parish.

Through the intercession of the mystic patroness of this humble community, Saint Teresa of Avila, may the Divine Master grant you his choices blessings, always.

Fr. Danilo R. Aguilar
Parish Priest
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