Wednesday, October 04, 2006

St. Teresa of Avila Parish
San Vicente, Baao, Camarines Sur


Based on the ‘theology of the crumbs’, we ardently believe that no matter how small our contributions may be, if it’s done in genuine spirit of generosity, nothing is left in vain. Just as the grace of God is showered to us abundantly seen through the many experiences, we are launching this fund raising drive to tap and ask the help of all sectors in our community both residents and non-residents in the parish through the one-peso campaign which we will use to finance the on-going construction of our parish church.

These days, the value of peso is depreciating. For most of us, one peso has no significant value and yet if this one peso will be gathered, we can build God’s church in our midst where we shall celebrate our faith. Through this project, we hope to inculcate even to our children and adult alike the value of constant sharing and a strong sense of spirituality.

In one year time, we are targeting to raise the amount of two million pesos which we will use for the roofing of the church, installation of trusses and the initial structure of the altar.

200 cans will be given to 20 persons who will act as coordinators. These 20 persons will be given ten cans each. Together with the parish priest they will identify the persons/institutions to be given with the cans. They will be responsible for monitoring the cans every month.

As a manifestation of our gratitude to these unknown donors, we will celebrate one mass every month for the intentions of these people who unselfishly give “a crumb” to our community.

Gospel Text

Luke 16: 19-31
The story of Lazarus and the Rich Man

Launching Date and Implementation of the Project

Time Frame: October 15, 2006- December 25, 2007

Piso mo, Simbakan Ko… is a fund raising program that believes the each one of us has something to give to the Church. It is not the church of an exclusive group but a Church for All, the Church for all of us who opens their hearts, lift up their thoughts and raises their voices in prayers. At the end of our journey, we may realize that all our treasures are passing, but there is one thing that will survive, and if we may dare say it, it is the faith in Jesus and our love for one another that would last.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Some Pictures and A Message

We continue to build this church with strong faith and complete trust to Divine providence and our people's innate goodness. Recently, our small sanctuary was blown off by the typhoon "Milenyo" but in spite of this, we shall go on, we will move on from the rubbles of this incident and look forward to another gracious years ahead of us.

Fr. Dan Aguilar

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Start of the Novena to Saint Teresa of Avila will be this coming October 6, 2006. Please join us in our prayers that the occasion of her feast day be a moment of another grace for the coming years as we continue to build the church of Jesus of Teresa.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Parish On-Going Construction

Friday, June 23, 2006


This is our small sanctuary where everyday we come and gather together around the table of the Lord. Every day we seek Jesus in the Eucharist to nourish us so that as we continue in our journey of faith, we may grow stronger in our beliefs and in mutual love. We ask you friends to share with us in our dream to build our church. Please help us build OUR CHURCH.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


We have started the initial phase of our church construction out of the local funds we have collected. However the amount is too minimal and so we humbly ask for your prayers and donations so that we may be able to finish this edifice for the Greater Glory of God.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Construction of our parish church is now going on. Please pray for us. we will also appreciate any donation you will go so that we may be able to sustain and augment our initial fund. We believe that God knows how to repay. Through the intercession of St. Teresa de Avila, may He grant you then all your heart's desires and grant you the fullness of life.